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Monday, December 27, 2020

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Someone’s smitten with the blonde girlie in those Old Navy holiday carollers commercials, enough so to launch a BlogSpot blog on her.

Just remember: There is a fine line between admiration and weirdo fixation.

Of course, there may be a less creepy, and more cynical, motivation behind this blogwork. When Adrants gave it a plug, it raised the possibility that Old Navy’s PR people might be behind it. I wouldn’t put it past them, although for some reason, my gut tells me it really is just a lone fan.

Incidentally, the blog author has somehow tracked down a name for the object of his affection: Lauren Hastings. If it’s the same “Lauren Hastings” listed at IMDb (based strictly on the dates and occupations of the other listings there, I’ve narrowed it down to this one), her acting resume is quite thin, so every little bit of exposure would help her.

Personally, if I were to obsess over one of the girls in those ads, I’d go for the Asian girl in the back row. Or, even better, the super-cute bowling-alley girl:
What can I say, I dig the brunettes.

By the way, I may have mentioned it here before, but I suspect I’m the only white man in America who doesn’t like Old Navy.

(Via Micro Persuasion)

UPDATE: I’m sure there are plenty of other sources for this, but Adweek featured one of the Old Navy carollers spots as one of their “Best Ads”, and the names of all the actors are in the writeup, Lauren Hastings included. So apparently, that’s her name.

The same Adweek source lists a “Camille Chen” as one of the carollers. I’ll assume that’s the name of the aforementioned Asian girl in the back row. I’m tempted to start posting up pics of her on the Web, but I’ll refrain.

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    Look who’s buzzing up the InterWeb again: Lauren Hastings, last seen around here in 2004, in her role in a series of Old Navy TV commercials featuring kitschy holiday carollers.

    That old post is ringing up mad traffic, thanks to Hastings’ improbable public resurfacing as a victim of Nicole Richie’s celebutante wrath, for …

    Comment by Population Statistic — 09/24/2006 @ 04:20:20 PM

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