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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

I promised myself that I wouldn’t indulge in pointless navel-gazing posts about BlogExplosion. And, aside from a couple of mentions shortly after joining the service back in October, I haven’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I like BlogExplosion. It’s sent beaucoup traffic my way, and uncovered a few worthwhile blogs for me to visit. But I’m not as mesmerized by it as others seem to be.

In any case, if you are one of those BE clickthru monkeys, take note: Maybe it’s just me, but it appears the Mystery Credits are paying off like the proverbial Vegas slot machine this morning. In the course of my casual clicking, something like every third click brought up a Mystery Credit screen. Most have been for only 2 or 3 credits, but one did gift me with a big 25. So if you live for grabbing BE credits, hop to it!

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 12/22/2004 09:44:39 AM
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  1. I’m not seeing the credits I used to… maybe there are just too many people out there now.

    Comment by Dave Diamond — 12/22/2004 @ 10:57:54 AM

  2. There is a difference between “traffic” and “readership”. I would much rather gain readers, not just hits on a hit counter. I look at my traffic and people are spending their required 30 seconds and moving on. I have not really increased in readers that stick around.

    I still say it’s a good thing, but I cannot dedicate hours a day to feed the “crack factor” to earn clicks by surfing myself. So I soend a few minutes a day, if I can, to generate a few hits. But I am not going to lose any sleep making some inflated hit counter spin.

    Comment by Dave — 12/22/2004 @ 01:58:27 PM

  3. Agreed - but BE at least involves human readers, so there’s the offchance that you’ll find something interesting and vice versa.

    The rest of the traffic generators seem to forget that traffic is nothing, readers are everything.

    BE would be much more effective if you could specify by category which blogs you’re likely to find interesting and only be fed those. Perhaps that’s in the works - it would probably involve having a bit more in the way of critical mass in individual categories though.

    Have enjoyed surfing through this one though.

    Comment by Michael Jones — 12/22/2004 @ 02:34:23 PM

  4. From what I’ve gleaned, just about all of the complaints levied against BlogExplosion stem from a misunderstanding about what it’s supposed to do. Of course it brings you “just” hits — that’s all it’s supposed to do. It’s not going to bring you readership, and neither will anything else, other than your site’s content. The purpose of BE is to bring eyeballs to your site; after that, it’s up to you (and the visitors).

    Basically, joining BE is like buying an ad. Just because you run a print ad in a publication that has, say, 100,000 readers, it doesn’t mean you’re going to sell 100,000 of whatever you’re selling. The point is to get exposure in front of 100,000 readers, and hope you appeal to a fair number of them. That’s how it works. There is no way to guarantee every single visitor is going to become a dedicated reader.

    As far as BE traffic being empty clicks… Yes, for the most part. But really, so are hits that come via Google searches. But we still make sure our sites are indexed and such. Again, the point is to have the door opened, and hope that a couple of the people who walk in become regular customers.

    Comment by CT — 12/22/2004 @ 02:37:34 PM

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