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Thursday, December 16, 2021

If the European Union isn’t going to let Turkey into its club, it really should stop extending these phony gestures:

The EU has offered to begin membership talks with Turkey next year, with 3 October given as a start date.

EU leaders said the aim of the talks - which could take up to 15 years - would be full membership, but Turkey’s entry could not be guaranteed…

EU leaders warned Turkey that it would have to take steps to recognise Cyprus before the talks started.

Some other conditions that would be just swell with Europe: Turkey should abandon Islam, and change its ethnic makeup to something more Caucasian. Do that, and then maybe they’ll let them in.

It’s pure farce. The EU is going through the motions of membership procedure, with no intention of actually following through. They’re just hoping that Turkey will get exasperated and go away. And making them wait a whole year before talks even start, let alone 15 years for any fruition (hypocrisy at its height, since the most recent expansion was fast-tracked in less than a third of that time) will do the trick.

With societal tensions between Muslim immigrants and Europeans growing each day, there’s no chance of getting popular support for admitting a Muslim country into this bloc (not that the EU’s machinations always depend upon popular mandate, but it is a factor). It’s too bad the rest of the Union can’t pin the blame on Greece, as has been the usual approach, since the Greeks have improbably become the chief proponents for Turkish membership; but the opinion polls in the other countries make the Euro attitude on the issue quite clear.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Let me be perfectly clear to what I feel is obvious: The European Union, will never, never, NEVER admit Turkey. Never. Never. Never. To paraphrase one Chris Rock: You know how they say “never say never”? I’m saying NEVER. There is no way Christian Europe will let a populous Muslim nation into their front stoop. Turkey has a better chance of becoming one of the United States than it has of becoming an EU member.

And that’s the size of it. Turkey’s spent the past eighty years Westernizing itself, and it’s still not enough for Europeans. And it never will be.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 12/16/2004 07:36:35 PM
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  1. I agree. Poland and Romania will be first-world prosperous EU members before Turkey joins.

    Comment by Saint Nate — 12/16/2004 @ 09:00:06 PM

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