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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Hey Edison, think you’ve got the next jackpot invention in your tiny little skull? Trevor Baylis, inventor and head of route-to-market firm Trevor Baylis Brands PLC, recently took a swing at 10 ideas submitted by CNN viewers/readers, to see if they had possibilities.

Among the suggestions: A voice-activated and talkback stove that would help the visually impaired (which Baylis liked) and a digital shock sensor for recording when parcels got damaged during transit (which he hated).

There’s one notion that really stood out:

Fabrizio Guiraud Hubie from Curitiba, Brazil, believed the fastest and safest way of exiting the atmosphere was to build an enormous elevator, capable of carrying 600 square feet of equipment. It would act as a space dock, complete with hotels and working areas, and would save millions on fuel costs, he said.

Baylis: This idea is somewhat “out in space!” Commendable and imaginative, but, alas, unlikely.

Unlikely, you say? But this idea is already being worked on, with NASA’s support, for a target date of 2019.

Because I’m fervently hoping they’ll dub this space elevator The Umbilicus, and because I just like seeing it, I’m reproducing the appropriate MST3K imagery:
push the button, frank
Maybe I should get in touch with Baylis’ company. I’m always coming up with spiffy product/service ideas.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 12/14/2004 07:17:20 PM
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