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Monday, December 13, 2021

Rookie quarterback sensation “Big” Ben Roethlisberger is 12-0 as an NFL starter, taking the Steelers faithful by storm.

As a sign of appreciation — not to mention retail capitalization — eateries around Pittsburgh have added a “Roethlis-burger” to their menus:

Brentwood Express is selling the “Ben Roethlis-burger,” which comes with bacon, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing and cheddar and provolone cheeses.

Then there’s Peppi’s on the North Side, which sells the “Roethlisburger,” a combination of beef, sausage, scrambled eggs and American cheese. It costs $7, matching his jersey number.

Sounds like this cholesterol megaton-bomb would meet the hearty approval of the creators of the Food Nazi.

The addition of those eggs in the Peppi’s version brings to mind the on-field quarterback scramble play…

And of course, in deference to the Steelers’ home stadium, you can’t properly eat your Roethlis-burger without a healthy dollop of Heinz (regardless of your ketchup affiliation).

You’d think the rookie would be concerned about this unauthorized co-opting of his currently-hot name. But, while his people are working at building Roethlisberger into a marketable star, they’re not concerned about the wildcat delicacies:

“We’ll let it run for a little while, since it’s funny more than anything,” [agent Leigh] Steinberg said. “You can get into policing it, but we probably wouldn’t do that unless a major chain started doing something.”

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