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Saturday, December 11, 2021

I caught The Machinist earlier this evening. It was alright. It was the only movie currently in local theaters that I had any interest in seeing.

The big buzz on this film was the extreme weight loss star Christian Bale underwent for the role: Allegedly 63 pounds, a Hollywood record. It did indeed make for a jarring effect. Although honestly, what kept running most through my mind was how much the gauntness made Bale a dead ringer for Ethan Hawke, and so I wondered why they didn’t just hire Hawke instead.

Aside from that, I noticed a couple of interesting tidbits. Here’s the main one:

Early in the movie, there’s a scene with Bale’s character and his coworkers in the employee locker room. The locker door near Bale had a picture of Robin, the Boy Wonder on it. I have a feeling that’s an inside joke, since Bale’s next big role is going to be Bruce Wayne in the prequel Batman Begins.

The next tidbit is something of a spoiler for the plot of The Machinist, so I’ll hide it below for those who haven’t yet seen it and still want to:

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Another lure for visiting Paris: A new ice rink in the Eiffel Tower, affording skaters a breathtaking view of the cityscape below.

I just hope they don’t try to have any hockey tournaments in there. One hard check, the boards don’t hold, and an unlucky skater could find him/herself flung off the Tower.

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come back, one year!
I guess the Soup Nazi didn’t go into exile in Argentina after all. Recast as the “Food Nazi”, he’s in a commercial for The Center for Consumer Freedom.

The CCF is an extreme-o deregulation group that apparently wants to do away with the Food and Drug Administration, so that we can clog our arteries with Hardee’s Monster Thick Burgers without governmental impediments. Fighting for your right to deep-fry, as it were.

You can’t blame Larry Thomas, the actor who played the character on “Seinfeld”, for milking it. He’s reprised the persona in commercials for TBS, and probably has gotten other gigs solely because of it too. According to IMDb, he had an official website set up called LarryThomasTheSoupNazi.com. However, as of this writing, it’s defunct, and when I checked the URL, it wasn’t even registered; so I’m guessing that’s an error on IMDb’s part.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/11/2021 11:58:25 AM
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