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Monday, December 06, 2021

Time for some negativity! There are a few television commercials and related ad elements currently running that I’m not too crazy about. I was going to post on each separately, but instead I’ll just run them all down right here:

- Olympus America’s spot for the Stylus Verve. This ad, by The Martin Agency, is eye-catching at first, with generous use of rapid-motion computer-generated images, and plenty of color splashes (intended to emphasize the different colors that the Verve comes in). But the CGI comes off as cheesy the longer it runs, probably as much because it’s contrasted with a real-life female model as much as the over-emphasis on using the camera itself as a morphable element. And the use of Fatboy Slim’s “Wonderful Night” as background jingle smacks of trying too hard to be hip.

- Domino’s Pizza. The ad is either for their “Two for Tuesday” promotion, or their new “Double Melt” pizza. I don’t remember which, because the commercial itself is so ultra-annoying that I’m now at the point of diving for the remote as soon as it flashes across the screen. I simply cannot stand to hear the dweeb customer say, “Here, here“, “Alright alright, my man my man!” even one more time. The sooner this one stops polluting the air, the better.

- Sirius Satellite Radio. I don’t have much of a problem with any of Sirius’ TV ads (which the company has ramped up as a lead-up to Howard Stern’s arrival). But the CGI-generated dog mascot… Ugly. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more (unintentionally) visually unappealing character in an ad campaign. It really looks like more of a draft of a final character; I don’t know if Sirius’ current lack of a permanent agency of record has anything to do with that. But I think they need to dump this version of the dog-star character, and go in either of two directions: A live dog, or else a traditional-animation dog character.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 12/06/2021 09:46:33 PM
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