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Sunday, December 05, 2021

Regular visitors may have noticed some slight changes throughout this blog. I list them here, in no particular order and more for my record than anything else:

- Blogroll: Various additions and subtractions; additions obviously because I like them, subtractions mostly due to lack of updating on those sites.

- Categories Listing: I finally figured out the PHP coding for presenting these things as they should be — with subcategories nested under their parent categories. Unfortunately, something in the CSS formatting (I think) is causing them to display with way too much space above and below the subcategory listings. I know it looks bad in current IE and Firefox versions in Windows; IE 5.5 on Mac, oddly, displays much cleaner, with all that extra space gone. I can’t figure out how to fix it; if anyone knows the trick, please enlighten me.

Secondarily, I also included the number of posts per category/subcategory. A nice barometer for what I’m scribblin’ on.

- Post Footer: In the footer, I’ve inserted a three-letter abbreviation for the day of the week between my name and the rest of the post-dating information. For those bloggers who post no more than once a day (if that), and short posts at that, I’m sure this makes absolutely no sense. For those bloggers who tend to post several times every day (like me) and scroll up and down their home page in search of recent posts, I’m sure this stylizing makes perfect sense.

- Single Post Title: Each permalink single-post page now includes the title of each post in the browser’s header bar. If you open multiple windows as much as I do, it’s another one of those little things that makes life easier.

I don’t relish tinkering too much with the layout and backend of this site; it’s like walking through a minefield. But little by little, I manage to do it.

I’ll be making more changes in the near future, most of them largely invisible. One thing I’d like to implement is a multiple-page output for search results, as hacked by Scriptygoddess (I can’t find the exact permalink at the moment). I’m also intrigued by the possibility of displaying per-post comments on the main index page, in a hide-unhide mode.

It’s all about the look…

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 12/05/2021 12:56:45 PM
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