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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

I’m slowly reading through “The Crisis : The President, the Prophet, and the Shah — 1979 and the Coming of Militant Islam”, by David Harris. It’s the second book Time Warner Book Group sent me for my review. I’d hoped to be nearly finished with it by now, but I doubt I’ll be done with it, and have a review posted here, until after Thanksgiving. That’s life.

It’s not a reflection on the book, necessarily. I’m working my way into it, and appreciating the detail that’s going into setting the stage for what would be a world-riveting crisis. Part of that detail is coming from the backgrounds of the primary players in the event: The Shah, Jimmy Carter, and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

I found this tidbit about Khomeini to be particularly interesting:

Ruhollah was a most uncommon name in Khomein [the Iranian town where the future Ayatollah was born]. It literally means “the spirit of Allah”, and some Muslims considered its use sacrilegious, since it was also used as another name for Jesus Christ, whom Muslims accepted as a prophet, though not as the son of God.

I doubt many Americans back then, let alone now, were aware that Khomeini’s first name translated to “Jesus”. And there’s an odd fatefulness to a boy with a somewhat scandalous name becoming a holy man. Strange stuff in the West-versus-Islam context.

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