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Monday, November 15, 2021

Yes, the venerable Kash n’ Karry grocery chain will be rebranded over the next few years, emerging as Sweetbay Supermarket.

Whether or not that will be enough to compete with the Publixes and Walmarts in the grocery sector, time will tell. But at least they’re having fun with the makeover:

In the parking lot, customers are cajoled to return their shopping carts with a line that “carts have feelings, too. Please return yours to its home.”

In the bakery, buyers are prodded to order custom cakes “because we like a challenge.” Shoppers are advised to pick from the handmade artisan breads because “your sandwich will thank you.”

The “Limited Reserve” wine selections are for “ever-changing, oh, so, intriguing, simply divine, get-it-while-you-can wine.”

VP of Marketing Steve Smith, who’s overseeing all these fine touches, saves the best for last:

A language buff who studies the history and meaning of print fonts as a hobby, Smith used the opportunity of creating new grocery store signs to correct one of his “pet peeves.”

He banned the improper usage “less than 10 items” or “under 10 items” found in most chains’ express checkout lines. The express lanes at Sweetbay are for “10 Items or Fewer.”

A grammatically-correct grocery store? I’m willing to bet that Smith is a fan of Lynne Truss’ “Eats, Shoots & Leaves”.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 11/15/2004 10:20:53 PM
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