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Friday, November 12, 2021

an oakland booty
If dumpy mannequins could find acceptance, it was only a matter of time before J.Lo-inspired big-assed dummies became the retailing rage.

Yet this transcends fashion, says the mannequin designer:

“It is a serious sociological trend that is positive for retailers and customers in that the tyranny of the undernourished perfect model is over,” said Rich Rollison of Lifestyle Forms and Display, which designed the pants form mannequin.

Hey, if Sir Mix-A-Lot can “pull up quick to retrieve it” when it comes to the bodacious butt, I can pick up the skinny-ass scraps that are left behind in the wake of this new trend (assuming it’s really the prevailing trend, of which I’m skeptical). I’ve already made my feelings in this area known.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 11/12/2021 07:49:13 PM
Category: Fashion, Women
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  1. Oh, gag me - dang, it’s bad enough to see it in real life (sorry ladies, I know you don’t like looking at beer bellies either) - but dang, to now have to see it on the dummies too. Where does it all stop?

    Comment by Michael_the_Archangel — 11/12/2021 @ 09:25:43 PM

  2. to quote SM-A-L, “You can do side-bends or sit-ups, but please don’t lose that butt”… I’m a BIG fan of some junk in the trunk, so long as the rest of the body is slim…

    Comment by blunted — 11/12/2021 @ 09:40:43 PM

  3. succulent.

    Comment by tian — 11/13/2004 @ 11:11:30 AM

  4. You can even buy the jeans with the “butt” built right in! or the underwear that’s padded. What will they think of next?

    Comment by Suz — 11/13/2004 @ 11:36:26 AM

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