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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Podcasting is all the rage, with notables like Dave Winer and Adam Curry leading the way. And since those two were among the first high-profile bloggers, there’s speculation that they’re helping usher in a next-wave movement of audio-delivered blogging.

I say, no thanks.

First off, this isn’t exactly new. Blogger, that most ubiquitous of blogging services, was promoting an audioblogging feature a couple of years ago, when I started blogging. It was the same deal: Record your entries into MP3 format, upload it and present it as a link you could either stream or save to your drive. It never really caught on.

Secondly, for me, blogging (and website consumption in general) is a visual activity — that means text and images. Reading a blog means I can take it in at my own pace, with a pretty high level of comprehension (dependent on how well the blog is written/laid out). I’ve always felt that was the key to the personalization and interactivity that you found online.

Audio (and video) on the web detracts from that. You’re forced to take in the information at a speed that you can’t really control (unless you want to pause, rewind and fast-forward endlessly). While for certain content, like music, it enhances the experience, for most subjects, it doesn’t. The promise of portability by transferring the podcast file onto your iPod seems like scant reward.

And let’s not forget: One of the nicest features of websurfing is the ability to do it discreetly. Tons of surfing, including blog reading, takes place during work hours. You can’t listen to a podcast surreptitiously while sitting at your desk. You could download the file and upload it to you iPod, if you have that setup at work; but it seems like an unnecessary step when you’re accustomed to accessing blog content instantly, in written form.

Frankly, creating content like this strikes me as lazy. Instead of sitting down to actually write a coherent, well-structured post or two, you resort to babbling into a microphone for an hour. If this actually catches on, I’m betting it’ll result in a bunch of mumble-mouthed monologues that are barely coherent, full of interminable pauses and repitition, and would be translatable into maybe three short paragraphs of writing.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 11/11/2021 11:21:47 AM
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  1. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind going back and recording some of my “better” entries as MP3s and posting them on my site… although I’d HATE to hear what would happen if “audioblogging” ever caught on at Xanga or Livejournal :-)

    Comment by blunted — 11/11/2021 @ 11:39:20 AM

  2. “Record your entries into MP3 format, upload it and present it as a link you could either stream or save to your drive.”

    Nope, not quite… The whole idea is that you put it into an RSS feed, and it’s automatically downloaded and if possible, put on a portable device. The audioblog experience sucked for me until the automation in this fashion happened.

    ‘Audio (and video) on the web detracts from that.”

    So take it off the web! I spend 90 minutes each day driving, and I’m not going to be reading during that time, but I can hear a lot of interesting stuff along the way. Don’t drive much? Do you walk? Workout at a gym?

    “If this actually catches on, Im betting itll result in a bunch of mumble-mouthed monologues that are barely coherent”

    And this is different from blogs in what way? (Besides being spoken, not written.)

    What podcasts have you listened to?

    Comment by Pete Prodoehl — 11/12/2021 @ 02:11:15 PM

  3. Written gobbledygook can be identified visually within seconds and skipped over quickly; audio sludge requires me to download it, play it through a media player and spend a couple of minutes to figure out whether or not it’s worth the time. No thanks.

    Even if it’s stuff from a blogger I already know and enjoy, that doesn’t mean I want to listen to it vs. reading it, any more than I’d prefer listening to the latest issue of my favorite magazine. I prefer reading stuff like blogs; I don’t desire an alternate format.

    Why would I want to take a blog posting off the Web and read it offline? That’s the point of accessing blogs, for me: Getting them while I’m online. Being able to click through to the hyperlinks they offer. All that. Audio files don’t do that for me.

    I’m not cursed with a long commute. For the small amount of time I spend behind the wheel, I let my iPod spit out a few songs. Same goes for the instances I use my iPod during any other activity (when, if you can imagine, I can actually forgo background noise sometimes and just enjoy the silence). I don’t desire the change-up with some inane amateur attempt at a talk radio episode. (I don’t care for audiobooks either, for that matter.)

    It’s up to individual preference, but like I said, the essence of blogging and most other Web-delivered content, in my mind, is text and images that can be absorbed at my own pace.

    Comment by CT — 11/12/2021 @ 08:13:22 PM

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    The big story is that the University of Florida has rolled out podcasts on its media website.
    As with anything relating to podcasting, I’m not particularly thrilled with potential devolution in communication this move represents.
    The not-so-bi…

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    If everyone’s so hell-bent on advancing podcasting — in spite of my objections — then they should at least do it right. “Voice styling” lessons can turn the mumbliest mofo into a vocalizing powerhouse.
    Vanity plays a big…

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    Will podcasting ever play in Peoria?
    Well, the Tampa Bay area is very much akin, socially and culturally, to Middle America, and while there’s perceptible activity, podcasting is still a minority pursuit around here. So take that as a barometer…

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