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Tuesday, November 09, 2021

locked up
As the lockout drags on, several teams are importing their minor-league affiliates to play a couple of games in their NHL bighouses. The trend has come to Tampa Bay, as the Lightning’s Springfield Falcons farm team will face off against the Philadelphia Phantoms at the St. Pete Times Forum on December 15th.

Yeah, I’m jonesin’ enough for pucks that I’ll definitely be getting tickets. The AHL is good enough for a night. It should be fun.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the game sells out. Not only will plenty of fans be chomping at the bit for a game, but the tickets are so cheap ($20 is the top price) that there’s scant reason for not going.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/09/2021 08:19pm
Category: Hockey
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Over the previous four days, I’ve drunk 6 or 7 beers. Over the previous four months prior to that, I think I’d drunk, maybe, 2 or 3 beers.

I’d better watch it, or I’ll develop a beer gut.

I haven’t been teetotaling. In fact, I’ve been drinking more than usual of late. But it’s always been liquor. Beer no longer does it for me: The cheap stuff is too watery, the premium stuff fills you up too quick, and regardless of quality, it’s just not as satisfying when compared to gin, vodka, whiskey or any other spirit.

The thing is, when I get together with some friends, beer is the default beverage. I’m kind of surprised by that, but I guess it’s just easier to order a pitcher instead of individual drinks. Thus has been the case lately. But I’ve had enough pisswater brew for a while; I’m going back to gin-and-tonics, martinis and the like.

While I’m on a related subject, let me make set a reminder for myself: Never, ever again suggest meeting up at the local Hooters for an evening gathering. The food sucks, the waitresses are generally lacking in all areas, and — the topper — the place closes at 11PM! A complete waste of time.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/09/2021 08:10pm
Category: General
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