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Saturday, October 30, 2021

straight up
It’s far from comprehensive, but tbt* has a little roundup of notable martini offerings in Bay area nightspots.

Some of these “specialty” drinks… I mean, come on: Strawberry Shortcake martini, with ice cream and pureed berries? You don’t belong in a bar if you’re drinking that, you belong at the nearest Ben & Jerry’s, spiking your sundae with shots from your smuggled-in fifth of Jack.

I don’t mind downing a kooky chocolate-laced concoction on occasion, but generally, I stick with the traditional gin or vodka (gin 80 percent of the time), hint of vermouth and speared garnish. Any variations can come from standard bar ingredients.

Actually, one of my favorite martini options used to be available at The Rare Olive in Ybor. It was actually just a particular choice of garnish: Instead of the staid olives or cocktail onions, they offered a pickled baby octopus for soaking in your gin/vodka. Tasty! And damned chewy. More importantly, it was quite the conversation-starter. Sadly, the last time I tried to order it, a couple of years ago, they no longer had it.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 10/30/2004 06:45:55 PM
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