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Friday, October 29, 2021

If you need any more proof that customizable mobile phone ringtones are big business for both the music biz and wireless providers, here it is: Starting next week, Billboard will produce chart rankings tracking sales of ringtone singles.

That’s bigtime legitimization. Even five years ago, I doubt anyone in the U.S. figured ringtones would generate any sort of revenue. But as mobile phones have become must-have accessories, particularly among the younger demographics, musical ringtones have become de rigeur.

I don’t know what the tracking information is like overseas, but I recall reading years ago that the music market in Europe assimilated digital content long ago. Basically, a single gets released in five formats, automatically:

1. CD
2. Cassette tape
3. Video (DVD or VHS)
4. Digital file
5. Ringtone

It’ll only be a matter of time before Billboard starts actively tracking digital sales, via iTunes and other outlets.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/29/2004 07:58:13 PM
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