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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

goin' gator
I wouldn’t have believed it, had I not gotten a notification from my alumni association in the mail today. The Eckerd College men’s basketball team is going to Gainesville in a couple of weeks to take on the nationally-ranked University of Florida!

Never thought I’d see the day.

Okay, okay. It’s just an exhibition game, a meaningless tuneup for both squads (although I’d bet it’s more meaningful for EC). It would never happen during the regular season, not least because Eckerd is Division II and not worth the Gators’ time.

Still, it’s significant. Athletics has never been high-profile at Eckerd; they never even merited full scholarships. But the school’s new president apparently sees sports as a way to boost the national profile, and so he’s finagled a limited number of scholarships in all programs. I imagine this game is designed to get some exposure, only the first step for such efforts.

I’m not a hoops fan. Still, I’m tempted to take the trip to UF for this. It’s on November 9th, the day after the deadline for my current all-consuming project, so the schedule’s clear. And while the idea of a long bus trip normally would repel me, the college component would make it fun. The key would be having some familiar alum along for the ride. If there’s a decent group going, I’m there.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 10/27/2004 07:41:10 PM
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  1. If you’re still interested and your deadline has actually passed we are planning to attend the game and take a minivan up (the bus was cancelled). If you or any other alums are interested in a roadtrip (hopefully nothing like the movie) just let me know (soon).

    Comment by Richard — 11/04/2021 @ 02:36:02 PM

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