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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Whither online smut? People are doing less porn-trolling on the Internet these days, a result of the loss of novelty for most people regarding the Web. That’s according to “Web Search: Public Searching of the Web”, a survey report on global consumer websearching patterns.

Ironically, this development strikes me as the loss of innocence.

Beyond that, it seems that the average person’s online search acumen isn’t getting any better:

We were surprised that people weren’t doing more complex searches,” [survey co-author Professor Amanda] Spink said. “If you put a couple of words into the Web, you’re going to get hundreds of thousands of results. I think people aren’t trained very well to use the search engines.”

I’ve long noticed this, and it drives me to distraction. I could be biased, since I do tons of research via the Web for a living. But really, how can people be that ignorant of, say, the power of quotation marks in a search field? It’s the difference between getting a million results (which are mostly useless) and less than 500. I guess it means there’ll always be work for professional researchers.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 10/27/2004 08:10:08 PM
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