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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

some punchline
A week into this damned lockout. Even more than watching a game, I feel the need to inject some humor into this situation.

So here’s my favorite hockey joke, I believe heard from Robert Wuhl. Actually, it’s my only hockey joke. And while it might not, at first glance, be primarily about hockey per se, I think the payoff neatly sums up American attitudes about my favorite sport.

A guy goes out golfing all day Saturday. That evening, after his 18 holes, he calls up his bookie.

“Hey Bobby, how you doing, it’s me. Listen, how did I do on the baseball today?”

The bookie replies, “On baseball, you lost a thousand.”

“What?” the guy says. “A thousand? Oh no, that’s terrible! My God… Well, how did I do on the football then?”

Without missing a beat, Bobby the bookie answers, “On football, you lost a thousand.”

“Another thousand?!” the guy exclaims. “You mean I lost two thousand today? I don’t understand it, this is unbelievable… Tell me how I did on the basketball?”

Bobby deadpans: “On the basketball, you lost a thousand.”

Three thousand dollars? You’re saying I lost three thousand dollars in bets, all in one day? I can’t believe this, this can’t be… what am I going to tell my wife? My God, this is just terrible!”

“So listen,” says Bobby. “You wanna put something on the hockey game tonight?”

“Hockey?” the guy replies. “What the fuck do I know about hockey?”

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 10/19/2004 09:30:51 PM
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  1. […] I do like how Deadspin used a post headline — “Not Even Hockey Players Gamble on Hockey” — to poke fun at a key detail in this item. It brings to mind my favorite hockey joke, which I’ll re-present here now: A guy goes out golfing all day Saturday. That evening, after his 18 holes, he calls up his bookie. […]

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