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Monday, October 11, 2021

get the eck out
I mentioned yesterday that my college reunion was scheduled for this coming weekend. Along with my blase attitude toward it — more a function of my hectic work schedule right now than anything else — I casually dropped a line about an informal alum gathering at Woody’s Waterfront that I would probably hit.

Little did I know that the Woody’s gathering represented something more than just a casual get-together.

I got an email today from Rich Anderson, a local and fellow alum. It was a rambling missive that basically expressed a high level of dissatisfaction with the school-sponsored reunion festivities, and suggesting that we all chuck that and just go out and do our own thing, independent of Eckerd. While the overall tone of the email was gentle enough, words like “disarray” and “rebellious” were thrown in, making it clear that the official reunion was coming up lame.

The idea of a wildcat reunion gives me a good chuckle. It takes me back (a little) to my student days, when we would do things like this that, while largely inconsequential, had the desired dual effects of pleasing us and cheesing off the administration. Besides, my original inclination for reunion participation was very much along the lines of what Richie is suggesting: A few drinks, reminiscences, and general chatter/gossip. I can do without a golf tournament, thanks.

I’m not sure what’s going on at Eckerd’s alumni office, but it’s certainly shaping up to be a lackluster weekend. I’m betting they’ve got only a handful of registrations so far, even after waiving the fees on most events. For a small private school that critically relies upon the goodwill of alumni (and their donations), it’s not a particularly smart move.

Of course, none of this changes my time crunch. I’ll make some time to see old friends, but I can’t say just how much time that’ll be.

With the approach of reunion time, I’ve been taking a few strolls down memory lane lately. The funny thing is, most have been about my freshman year, and are populated by characters that I not only lost touch of while still in school, but who also are highly unlikely to ever make a reunion (the odds are excellent that half of them are in jail or in exile). Such remembrances may be worth a separate, dedicated post later tonight, or this week.

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I can’t say why I find the opening Flash animation for Florida Shed so amusing. It could be the goofily-belligerent look on the little shed mascot’s face. Or that he’s leading with his left while jabbing with his right. Or the fact that he even has a left and a right (not to mention a face). Having him punch out a couple of hurricanes was a nice, timely touch.

All I know is that I liked it so much, that I saved the actual .swf file to my hard drive.

(Adjust volume accordingly, although you won’t get the full effect unless you watch it along with the accompanying cheesy jingle.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/11/2021 06:26pm
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