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Monday, October 04, 2021

not for long?
The short answer is, out of football for the first time in his life. Which begets the follow-up question: Where will he end up?

It’s an amusing nostalgia-infused article, but it’s clear to me that those close to Spurrier have little more idea of what the ol’ ball coach’s next move is than those Web boards do.

Of course, now that Tampa Bay is 0-and-4 country, with an especially inept offense taking the brunt of the blame, I’m sure the calls to recruit Spurrier for a second go-round in the NFL will only get louder as the season drags on.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/04/2021 08:06pm
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Maybe I’m getting soft in my old(er) age. I imagine as a younger man, I’d have found the Miller Beer Penalties TV spots to be silly at best, and annoying at worst. Despite my love of football, I don’t care for beer, least of all the pisswater brew produced by Bud and Miller, and so wouldn’t properly cotton to the ads.

But I have to say that I’m enjoying all three of them. Ogilvy & Mather did a good job in injecting those social faux-pas jokes into what would otherwise be ads with a limited football-fan-only appeal. The now-cliched tribal band tattoo? Preach it, ref!

I’m sure I’ll get sick of these spots after I’ve seen them a thousand more times. But until then, they’re hip.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/04/2021 07:56pm
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So I was reading this article about how black radio is making a modest comeback in Tampa Bay, and got a good chuckle out of this bit:

But depending on what part of the city [Thea Moore] was driving in, WTMP’s signal would fade. And Wild offered too much hip-hop and too little R&B. Sometimes, she said, she would give up and “start riding around not listening to anything.”

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment — having to drive around without an accompanying soundtrack!

It struck me as amusing because I never listen to the radio, either in my car or elsewhere (if I can help it). That’s been the case for more than five years now. Radio does indeed suck, and from my admittedly limited exposure, it’s not just in Tampa Bay — it’s that way everywhere. Between idiotic DJs trying to be funny and never succeeding, and the replaying of the same five songs all day long, it’s a wasteland that’s got nothing to offer to me.

So half the time, I do indeed drive around without the “benefit” of music. The other half of the time, I plug in my iPod, with it’s 700-odd tracks, and let that occupy my ears. Nothing beats it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/04/2021 07:39pm
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I’ll be master. Make that webmaster. The servant? That’d be FloridaTrend.com (since, like any other website, it resides on computer servers, I can make that stretch and consider it a servant).

No, I’m not describing some deeply disturbing cybersex fantasy involving URLs and load times. Nor am I prepping for the next fetish party. Rather, I’m acknowledging today’s offer from work for me to take over webmasterin’ duties, effective soon.

How did this happen? Our current webmistress has just been downsized. I won’t go into detail, other than to say that budgetary concerns have made her role superfluous. She’s also been looking for an opportunity to go back to school to embark upon a new career in nursing, and this development opens that door.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean our website is shutting down; someone’s got to maintain it. And that’s where I come in. Out of anyone else on staff, I’m the only one who’s got the credentials to play around with the content end of the site. This, despite my last “official” webmaster duties being sometime around the turn of the century, before I joined Trend. This is practically pre-history in Web terms: No XML, no CSS, no real database work, nothing. Just HTML and crossed fingers, on a dialup connection, yet. But there’s enough automated backend stuff built into Trend’s site that I should be fine, and I can pick up anything else pretty quickly.

You can see a couple of examples of my past site design/maintenance work here and here. Despite a good bit of cosmetic change, especially on the LSA site, I’m amused at how much of the structures I installed are still intact at both sites, more than five years later. It shouldn’t be too surprising, as both companies are small and so have little need to go beyond the simple approach I set up.

I’ll learn more details on it tomorrow, but as I now understand it, I’ll be playing a caretaker role for the Trend site from now until the end of the year. I don’t expect to be making any grand changes, certainly not in the next month (when my current duties will have me ultra-busy).

I expect part of the time will be spent trying to dope out general strategy for the site, and just how permanent the gig will be. It has potential to be either very exciting, or very frustrating. Early indications on that will determine if I want to keep wearing the hat.

The extra bit of scratch in the paycheck will be nice. I’m not expecting a huge bump in pay, but every little bit helps, especially as Christmastime rolls around.

One last note: The title of this post, for those of you not down with your mid-’80s New Wave/proto-Techno, is from Depeche Mode’s “Master and Servant”. I prefer the extended “Slavery Whip/Treat Me Like A Dog” remix, myself. Treat me like a dog, indeed.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/04/2021 05:50pm
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