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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Today I went on a going-away lunch for a co-worker. She’d been with the magazine for just a bit longer than I have. She’s moving on to other opportunities in the magazine biz.

I can’t say I was ever particularly close to her, either at work or outside the office. We were always cordial, but nothing beyond that. We never hung out, and between our schedules, we’d sometimes go a couple of days without actually seeing each other.

Still, I’ll miss her. She’s pretty, sweet, and nice to have around. In an office full of beautiful women, she was definitely the most attractive one. That’s mainly a function of her being my type; that she was one of the very few single women in the office only enhanced that. That said, I doubt I ever had a chance with her, and for that matter, I could detect certain traits in her that told me she probably didn’t have a chance with me.

Anyway, she’s gone as of today. And any departure like this makes me a little sad. So I’m making note of it. Despite the usual assurances of keeping in touch, I’m pretty sure we won’t meet again.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 09/29/2004 09:20:01 PM
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  1. you should do something about it. if you have the hots for her, perhaps she does too, just both parties are too shy to make a first move.

    having said all that, i hope you are not into dudes. in that case, she would always just be another piece of eye-candy.

    Comment by Tian — 09/30/2004 @ 03:52:08 AM

  2. If there ever was an opportunity, it’s long since passed. We know enough about each other now to know that there are too many personality differences for us to get along.

    I don’t know where the “into dudes” thing came from. I’m all-too-hetero.

    Comment by CT — 09/30/2004 @ 09:14:33 AM

  3. If you’re blogging about her, you need to call her!!!

    Since when do you know if you’re compatible with someone because of their professional demeanor anyway?

    I know lots of fun and considerate party types who generally have to act like hard-nosed a$$holes at work. I’m sure their coworkers hate them, but I don’t.

    Comment by r* — 09/30/2004 @ 10:34:43 AM

  4. To blog equals to desire? I gotta write that down…

    Short story: We never dated, but we did spend enough non-work time together, in spontaneous and not-so-spontaneous situations, to get a feel for each other. Nothing ever clicked. I won’t say I’m 100 percent sure on this, but close enough. Trust me.

    Comment by CT — 09/30/2004 @ 06:47:33 PM

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