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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

adieu sa-wing batta
This is probably the first time I’ve ever used the Montreal Expos logo, either here or on the old blog. It’s also likely to be the last, as the ‘Spos aim to depart la belle provence for greener fields in Washington, DC (la belle district??).

It’s big news in baseball, where a major league team hasn’t relocated since 1971. I know two bloggers in DC who are duly excited.

Naturally, this is Major League Baseball, so the deal’s not completely done yet. And because of that, I have to say this is an awfully backward way of moving a team:

With the announcement made, the process of selling the Expos starts. A group that includes former Rangers partner Fred Malek has been seeking a Washington franchise for five years. In addition, several baseball officials have said in the past week that Stan Kasten, former president of the Atlanta Braves, Hawks and Thrashers, might be trying to assemble a group.

These days, a major sports league goes through a rigorous process of selecting a legit ownership group before it plants a team in a new city (through either expansion or relocation). This move to Washington feels like putting the cart before the horse. But I suppose there’s enough confidence that a group can be found in a relatively rich metro area like DC.

While the major details are being worked out, the cosmetic ones are being addressed too. Chief among them: A new name. Dragging out the old Senators moniker would be traditional, but probably hokey, and not worth bounding several hurdles to get it. Fortunately, “Washington Grays” is available, just as traditional, and a very nice tribute to the old Negro League team (and by extension, the entire Negro Leagues).

Talk about more cosmetic details: Yahoo! Sports has already cleared out an empty locker for the new Washington team.

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