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Sunday, September 26, 2021

blue jeanne
I had hoped to place an embargo on all hurricane-related talk on this blog, especially after Ivan was kind enough to give the Tampa Bay area a pass. Like many others here, I’ve experienced more than enough hurricane-alertness fatigue; while it’s not as bad as getting nailed, it’s wearing, and it takes its toll.

But, because Hurricane Jeanne is insistent on coming at us from the east, I guess I have no choice but to acknowledge it. And I might as well post something about it while I still have power flowing (and while I’m awake, thanks to the howling wind).

Right now, the TV is telling me that Jeanne should be in the northern part of the Bay area by 2PM. It’ll be passing directly over areas like Ybor City, Oldsmar and New Port Richey (but not me in St. Pete). We’ll be getting wind speeds of around 60 miles per hour, and plenty of rain and the dreaded storm surges. That means the threat of flooding, as usual.

Currently it’s looking fairly ugly outside, although not exceedingly so: Lots and lots of wind gusts, but only light rain so far. I’m really curious to see how it gets in a few hours.

I’m not sure if an evac order is in effect for me; it probably is. But I’m not going anywhere. It’s already too late, really. So I’ll sit back, enjoy the ride, and hope the juice keeps flowing.

Jeanne is something of a surprise. With a storm that hits the Atlantic side, you don’t expect much when it comes across to this side (relatively). Things didn’t really start to hit preparation mode here until yesterday afternoon. But since this is our fourth serious go at this, I don’t think most people hit the panic button. Bottled water sales were brisk, but otherwise, things were fairly normal. I even went out to Ybor last night, and despite the windiness, plenty of people were out clubbing.

This had better be the last storm we get. I’m so over all this.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 09/26/2004 08:24:19 AM
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