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Friday, September 24, 2021

I already knew about The Goatbelt.

Now, I know of Richard Newman, Holy Goat. I even know why he calls himself that.

Is there some sort of arcane goat-worshipping movement among bloggers? Does it include feta cheese? Are other livestock involved? (I don’t want to know the answer to any of that, really, especially if there’s even a hint of truth.)

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 09/24/2004 09:30:28 AM
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  1. Last weekend at the bloggerfest, I realized that someone thought ‘goatbelt’ was a play on words the same way the ‘bible belt’ refers to certain parts of the south, as in “Hi, Im ****, reporting from the goatbelt”

    It had never even ocurred to me that someone might take it that way.

    That Holy Goat site though..Holy programmer jargon, batman! Way over my head, sorry.

    Comment by The Belt — 09/24/2004 @ 10:06:00 AM

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