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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Feeling a little gooey inside? It’s probably because of all that cheese you’re putting away, my fellow American — more than 30 pounds a year, according to a handy industry survey commissioned by the California Milk Advisory Board.

In light of this, I think we need to revise that “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” jab we reserve for the French. And stop ordering extra cheese on our pizzas.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 09/22/2004 04:16:34 PM
Category: Food, Society
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Is it worth 45 bucks to test-drive a Segway scooter, yet look like a tourist/fool for 90 minutes?

Therein lies the question. I’m tempted to take one of these tours this weekend. It’d be cheaper than buying one of these silly things. I’ll admit it, the hype that the company’s been generating since their secretive release has got me curious enough to want to try them out.

The historical tour I can do without; I already know all I need to know about this burg. I’m also not crazy about renting one of their helmets — these aren’t bowling shoes, ferchrissake. (I’d just as soon bring my hockey helmet.)

I’m going to have to find somebody to go with. Last thing I want is to end up solo among a group of grayhair/pasty white tourists who are all an average of 30 years older than me.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 09/22/2004 10:39:32 AM
Category: General
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