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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

When I was growing up, it seemed like The Emmys and the Miss America Pageant were super-duper bigtime television events. Everyone looked forward to the glamour, the spectacle, the sheer buzzworthiness.

Not no more. Both shows, broadcast over the weekend, pulled in pretty sorry ratings, for different reasons but with one main thread: Lack of interest from modern audiences.

Last year’s stealth-like presentation of the Miss America contest caught me by surprise, and had me wondering if it would stick around for much longer. They revamped, and caught my attention late in the week, mainly thanks to a wire story about how skimpy this year’s Speedo-provided swimsuits are. I’m always for more skin, but not quite enough to have me sitting at home on a Saturday night.

As for the Emmys, I didn’t bother to mention them at all last year. Since I haven’t watched them since I was a little kid, and I watch precious little TV these days anyway, the decline doesn’t resonate much with me. The notion that all the prizewinners were limited-audience cable shows says more about how fragmented the audiences are getting than about the overall quality of the programming. And while I love Gary Shandling, I can’t say I would have chosen him for a mainstream awards show.

I guess the advertisers are going to have to find greener fields…

- Costa Tsiokos, 09/21/2004 08:00:38 PM
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  1. My family had just moved to Belvidere, Illinois, in 1968 when their own Judi Ford won the Miss America title. The whole town (pop. 14,000) went nuts. It’s impossible to really describe this to the younger generation - they just don’t get it.

    One more thing: Do you ever hear the word “poise” at any other time but the Miss America Pageant? Me neither.

    Comment by Tom McMahon — 09/22/2004 @ 10:19:10 AM

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