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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

the roof is on fire
I’m in an odd mood tonight. Almost amped up, but not quite. It’s hard to put into words.

And yet, it still doesn’t explain why I feel compelled to jot down the following dope rhymes from what might be the funniest movie of all time, House Party:

Toe to toe, Kid ‘n Play’s on a roll again
It’s only right that we keep the crowd dancin’
Rhymes are dope, the tempo is steady
You ready? Let’s rip up the floor like confetti

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/21/2004 08:44:05 PM
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Well, rats. I was going to run out and catch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow tonight. I thought there was an 8:30 showing at WestShore, but it turned out to be 8:10. Meaning right now. Meaning no dice.

WestShore’s theaters can be such a pain in the ass: No screenings past 8ish during the weekdays. I’m a nightowl kinda moviegoer. There are plenty of theaters around Tampa Bay, but WestShore’s closest to me, so it’s the most convenient.

I might catch it tomorrow. Or I can head to downtown St. Pete and catch the 9:30 show. Or not.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/21/2004 08:12:33 PM
Category: Movies
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When I was growing up, it seemed like The Emmys and the Miss America Pageant were super-duper bigtime television events. Everyone looked forward to the glamour, the spectacle, the sheer buzzworthiness.

Not no more. Both shows, broadcast over the weekend, pulled in pretty sorry ratings, for different reasons but with one main thread: Lack of interest from modern audiences.

Last year’s stealth-like presentation of the Miss America contest caught me by surprise, and had me wondering if it would stick around for much longer. They revamped, and caught my attention late in the week, mainly thanks to a wire story about how skimpy this year’s Speedo-provided swimsuits are. I’m always for more skin, but not quite enough to have me sitting at home on a Saturday night.

As for the Emmys, I didn’t bother to mention them at all last year. Since I haven’t watched them since I was a little kid, and I watch precious little TV these days anyway, the decline doesn’t resonate much with me. The notion that all the prizewinners were limited-audience cable shows says more about how fragmented the audiences are getting than about the overall quality of the programming. And while I love Gary Shandling, I can’t say I would have chosen him for a mainstream awards show.

I guess the advertisers are going to have to find greener fields…

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/21/2004 08:00:38 PM
Category: Pop Culture, TV
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virtual lock-out
Because we’re missing out only on the mostly-invisible training camps, the almost-week-old NHL lockout hasn’t really hit home yet. Much like all the hurricane prepping we’ve grown used to in these parts, diehard fans can see the hurt coming about a month from now, when regular-season gamedates start biting it.

But if you’re a hard-core hockey fan, and still wanna get your geek on, G4techTV got the remedy: A season-long videogame simulation of the NHL season, game by game.

I don’t get G4techTV. Darn. Then again, I’ve got my own copy of NHL 2k4 for the Xbox, so I can go to that. Of course, I haven’t fired up that disc in months…

This could turn into an unexpected boon for the league. If ratings for this cyber-ice tourney look strong, NHL owners could reason that they don’t need to hire flesh-and-blood players at all — just run videogame matchups every night! That’s your cost-certainty for you.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/21/2004 07:33:24 PM
Category: Hockey, Videogames
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