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Monday, September 20, 2021

hell with the lid off
Blondelibrarian is a Coke fiend, and she’s okay with that.

I currently drink more soda (not pop) than I should — an average of two cans a day, usually Coke. It’s far less than I used to drink, especially while growing up; I clearly recall downing something like a six-pack per day while in high school (back when my skinny-boy metabolism could still process that amount of crap). It’s the same old excuse: It just seems to be the easiest option, especially during a working lunch and such. Combine that with the overdose of caffeine from all the tea I drink on weekdays, and it’s a questionable liquid diet.

- Costa Tsiokos, 09/20/2004 08:13:54 PM
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  1. WATER!!


    Comment by r* — 09/20/2004 @ 08:48:16 PM

  2. Yeah yeah yeah…

    You know Dasani’s not “pure” - they pump minerals and stuff into it to give it some hint of flavor. Apparently, their focus groups called for it. I’ve talked with others who cite the “creamy” flavor to it as a reason for drinking it (I don’t notice it myself).

    Aquafina, by contrast, really is unadulterated H2O. It’d better be, since I use bottles of it to change out the water in my office fishbowl…

    Comment by CT — 09/20/2004 @ 09:30:41 PM

  3. I KNEW there was something different about Dasani. It has a very specific flavor that suggests there’s something in it besides just H20.

    That creeps me out a little bit, actually. I’d rather just have the water, thanks.

    Comment by The Belt — 09/21/2004 @ 04:23:48 AM

  4. It’s not always a reliable indicator, but I believe Dasani’s front label freely admits that it includes additives (don’t have a bottle handy or I’d check). Like I said, Aquafina is definitely nothing but the water, so you should go with that.

    Comment by CT — 09/21/2004 @ 09:32:19 AM

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