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Sunday, September 19, 2021

tampa with a crime scene
I snapped this photo last night, while walking down 7th Avenue in Ybor. It’s a sidewalk chalk-rendered ad promoting the premiere of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” reruns on Tampa Bay’s local UPN station.

I think it was at the corner of 20th Street. That’s irrelevant, since the chalkmarks will eventually be washed away by one of our frequent rainstorms. I really need to better cultivate my photo-taking instincts; I had to stop myself and backtrack a few steps to get the pic, instead of automatically whipping out my cameraphone upon seeing something photo-worthy.

Sidewalk advertising has been around for several years now, and it’s not a particular favorite among pundits. I agree that it’s best used sparingly for maximum effect (try getting every advertiser and client on the same page, though). But I think in this case, it’s eyecatching and creative. Using a chalk outline motif reminiscent of police homicide work is especially appropriate for a show like CSI, rather than being an odd fit. And Ybor is one of the few high-traffic pedestrian areas in Tampa where an ad like this should be effective.

Let’s just hope they don’t push it. For instance, I don’t think the Tampa Police Department would appreciate finding one of their genuine sidewalk chalk drawings surreptitiously festooned with a CSI ad.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 09/19/2004 06:17:53 PM
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  1. TBBF ended up in Ybor, too. Ships in the night, I guess.

    Comment by r* — 09/20/2004 @ 12:19:28 PM

  2. You were going to do a pubcrawl in Ybor, right? From what I’ve seen of the posts re: the blogfest. I’ll have to make the next one, I s’pose.

    As usual, I holed up in Amphitheatre within thirty minutes of getting to Ybor, so no surprise I didn’t see you. Next time.

    Comment by CT — 09/20/2004 @ 01:59:51 PM

  3. No, the PC didn’t happen.

    Just ended up there anyway.

    Come out next time! Seriously.

    Comment by r* — 09/20/2004 @ 02:47:59 PM

  4. Since you asked so nicely… ;)

    I see you’re pushing for a SoHo location for next time (naturally enough). Pick a bar/restaurant that has board games, to keep everyone occupied.

    Comment by CT — 09/20/2004 @ 04:07:36 PM

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