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Thursday, September 16, 2021

office sushi
You may recall the death of my office betta Phil last week, and his prompt replacement. Pictured above is the replacement, dubbed Sushi.

He’s a feisty one. He’s less fun to feed than old man Phil was. Phil would have to be coaxed up to the surface half the time, and even after I dropped the food pellet in, he would scope it out for several seconds before finally poking his mouth forward to eat it. By contrast, Sushi’s so hyper that he’s always hovering near the surface, and the second I drop the pellet in, he nails it. A real killer.

He’s also taken a few bites at my finger. Betta bites don’t hurt; they can do each other plenty of damage, but their jaws are too small and weak to actually penetrate human skin. So it’s just funny to see him take on my finger.

He’s also managed to build himself a bubblenest. That’s a sign that he’s looking for a girlfriend. He won’t be getting one, but it’s good to see he’s ready for action.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/16/2004 10:23:34 PM
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    Getting passed over for promotions? Being assigned all the crap duties? Then you need to harmonize your desk-set energies, feng-shui style.
    Declutter. Keep your spaces open and free of clutter.
    Face the doorway. Place your desk away from the door an…

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    Coming as no surprise, given that he abruptly had stopped eating and doing his usual frenetic swimming this past Friday, my office betta fish died over the weekend.
    An omen?
    At the very least, it’s no good for the feng shui.

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