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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Strange. When I got home, I didn’t figure to have more than one blog post in me for tonight. But I ended up spittin’ out five of them (six if you count this one). Amazing what comes from priming the pump.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/16/2004 11:28:05 PM
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Ivan: Not only the latest destructive hurricane to roll through the Gulf of Mexico, but also a forceful demonstration of one of nature’s most prevalent patterns of occurence.

Everything in our universe, such as the shape of hurricanes, the way the trees grow, the way the petals are arranged in a flower and even the structure of the human skeleton are all arranged by the golden means…

You can simply recreate the Fibonacci numbers if we start with two small squares of size 1 next to each other. On top of both of these draw a square of size 2 (=1+1) and so on. You can draw a spiral in the squares, a quarter of a circle in each square. The spiral is not a true mathematical spiral but it is a good approximation to a kind of spiral that does appear often in nature.

It’s not a coincidence why business cards sized 8×5 cm look pleasant to the eye. It’s because the proportions are similar to everything in nature, that we are used to for the past hundred thousand years. You’ll be reminded about this important guiding principle everywhere in nature, art and design. For example Robert Bringhurst refers a lot to the golden mean in his must read book The Elements of Typographic Style.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/16/2004 11:18:53 PM
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Today is both Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year, and Mexican Independence Day (El Grito de Independencia).

So, if you happen to be a Mexican Jew, feel free to whack the crap out of a pinata stuffed with hallah and apples & honey.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/16/2004 11:01:52 PM
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Right on the heels of St. Pete’s Ovo Cafe shutting down, Tampa institution Malio’s Steak House is apparently on the way out.

In the 10+ years I’ve lived here, I think I’ve been to Malio’s once. I don’t really remember for sure; if I did go, I was less than impressed. It was probably overhyped to me, given its reputation as the local watering hole for native and visiting celebrities. I suppose I should make a point to visit it before it gets turned into an office building.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/16/2004 10:47:37 PM
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office sushi
You may recall the death of my office betta Phil last week, and his prompt replacement. Pictured above is the replacement, dubbed Sushi.

He’s a feisty one. He’s less fun to feed than old man Phil was. Phil would have to be coaxed up to the surface half the time, and even after I dropped the food pellet in, he would scope it out for several seconds before finally poking his mouth forward to eat it. By contrast, Sushi’s so hyper that he’s always hovering near the surface, and the second I drop the pellet in, he nails it. A real killer.

He’s also taken a few bites at my finger. Betta bites don’t hurt; they can do each other plenty of damage, but their jaws are too small and weak to actually penetrate human skin. So it’s just funny to see him take on my finger.

He’s also managed to build himself a bubblenest. That’s a sign that he’s looking for a girlfriend. He won’t be getting one, but it’s good to see he’s ready for action.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/16/2004 10:23:34 PM
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President Bush better hope all his supporters aren’t this clueless: Lynne Gobbell of Moulton, Alabama was fired from her job for refusing to remove a John Kerry bumper sticker from her car, and was promptly hired by the Kerry campaign afterward.

Given the obvious jackass-like qualities displayed by Phil Geddes, the owner who did the firing, you’d think he’d the perfect Democratic mascot. Apparently, he needs to brush up on the Thirteenth Amendment, and disabuse himself of the notion that his cruddy little company is some sort of plantation.

This event did provide a golden opportunity for the Kerry campaign. Bush supporters come off as arrogant jerks, and Kerry gets to play hero by giving the injured party a real job. Yes, Geddes is an extreme case that doesn’t typify any rational business owner, and Gobbell is likely out of a job as soon as the election ends. But this is campaign season, and image is everything; you couldn’t have scripted this better.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/16/2004 08:29:48 PM
Category: Politics, Society
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