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Sunday, September 12, 2021

I know everyone loves that Starbucks commercial featuring one-hit-wonder Survivor. So here it is, in QuickTime format (disclaimer: I wasn’t able to get it to play, on a fairly current version of QuickTime Player for Windows; use at your own risk).

I was skeptical that the band in the commercial was actually the authentic Survivor, but realized that it was indeed likely, if only because they all looked old enough. The consensus among a small sampling of fans confirms that it really is them.

Aside from the kitsch factor, I’d imagine the main reason they’re in it is because they wouldn’t give permission to use the “Eye of the Tiger” melody/parody unless they performed it. I’m sure they’re overlooking the humiliation factor, instead focusing on the springboard possibilities back into the bigtime! Maybe this will put them into prime position to do the soundtrack for the unfortunately green-lighted Rocky VI.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 09/12/2021 10:46:59 AM
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  1. Hey — wait a minute! Survivor had a couple of other hits, too!

    Comment by david — 09/12/2021 @ 12:27:33 PM

  2. That’s news to me, and I imagine just about every other casual music fan…

    Comment by CT — 09/12/2021 @ 09:42:55 PM

  3. 1. Eye Of The Tiger
    2. The Search Is Over
    3. High On You
    4. Is This Love

    Comment by david — 09/12/2021 @ 11:27:18 PM

  4. didn’t they do “oh, sherri” as well?
    anyway, none of their other songs seems to translate well into a catchy commercial. too catchy, cause I never even pay attention to what the product is that they’re pushing, I’m usually giggling too hard.

    Comment by liz — 09/13/2004 @ 07:20:10 AM

  5. Yeah, eye of the tiger is really the only hit thats going to (continue) having any staying power.

    The question about the ‘original’ lineup brings to mind another question though. They had some personell changes in the 80’s. I seem to remember that they switched singers, and maybe even lead guitar players. So which ‘original’ lineup is it?

    I wondered about the humiliation factor too, but the bottom line is that musicians, even ones who have substantial hits at one point in their lives, still gotta eat. One hit wonders dont stay rich forever. If it is them, they’re probably just glad to be back in the limelight and getting a paycheck, no matter how.

    Comment by The Belt — 09/13/2004 @ 07:29:41 AM

  6. And ‘Oh Sherri’ was Steve Perry, not Survivor. A classic! Catch the video if you can..it has a classic Steve Perry air-guitar solo (using a broom).

    Comment by The Belt — 09/13/2004 @ 07:33:19 AM

  7. dude. Survivor was so not a one-hit wonder. along with the songs previously mentioned, there’s also “I Can’t Hold Back”, and then the theme from Rocky IV, “Burning Heart”.

    and yanno, a lot of old 80’s bands have second lives now… 80’s music is still all over the radio, plus, they’re always touring. they may not play the big venues, but they’re still out there (at casinos and such).

    Comment by mikey — 09/13/2004 @ 10:00:36 PM

  8. I guess it depends on how you define a “hit”. Eye of the Tiger was, no question, a hit and Survivor’s signature song. The other songs? Did they manage to chart at No. 30 for one or two weeks? Sorry, that doesn’t cut it. And if you ask the average person on the street, there’s no question they’ll cite Tiger as the only thing Survivor is remember for (assuming they even remember the band).

    Comment by CT — 09/14/2004 @ 09:11:31 AM

  9. Yep. Whats funny though, is a lot of these type of bands (by type, I just mean once really popular but no longer A-list) are making as much if not more money now doing the festival circuits (think ribfest-type events) as they did in their respective heydeys. Because they aren’t as ‘hot’ anymore, most of them have gone with more DIY management, and can personally make sure that they get a decent fee and percentage of merch sales.

    Of course, when they bust out with “heres one off our NEW album”, you can guarantee a fast surge in trips to the beer tent and port-0-lets.

    Comment by The Belt — 09/14/2004 @ 02:04:49 PM

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