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Saturday, September 11, 2021

I mentioned the launch of the St. Pete Times’ new free weekly, tbt*, a couple of days ago. The paper hit the streets yesterday, and the Times has shed more light on what the newborn is all about: In today’s Times and on tbt* itself.

Basically, tbt* (or Tampa Bay Times) is going to recycle the most relevant news and features from the week’s worth of Times’ issues. This is key in keeping production costs down. They might use some additional content, either originally-produced or wire stuff; and they already are running things like alternate comics that would never see space in the Times. But basically, tbt* will be a condensed version of the mothership.

Given that, presentation and format is crucial. I like the grade of paper they’re using (I realize I’m among the minority that notices these things). It’s a slightly more durable newsprint. It’s not only whiter than regular newsprint, which provides a better canvas for what’s printed on it, but it’s also more durable, meaning it can be toted around and stuffed into bags with less likelihood of getting torn apart. That’s important, as you want the thing to be seen as often, and by as many eyeballs, as possible.

In some ways, tbt* is a re-introduction of the traditional Weekend section, which the Times used to publish in Friday’s paper but moved to Thursday years ago. It’s not the same, as tbt* is designed to penetrate a demographic that currently doesn’t read the paper regularly.

Also of note: It looks like tbt* has pretty much taken over the tampabay.com site. It’s a good move, as the Times never seemed to know what exactly to do with it. At one point, I was informed that tampabay.com was going to supplant the Times’ sptimes.com domain; this was when many papers were seeking out online brands that reflected their states/regions. That was never really carried out, and since then tampabay.com was just a dumping ground for the main newspaper site’s links — really, a prototype for tbt*.

I’ll be really interested to see how it does. First thing to do is to expand the fairly small distribution area/channels.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 09/11/2021 08:03:40 PM
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