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Thursday, September 09, 2021

When the Beef Council introduced cheeseburger fries a year ago, Director of New Product Development Betty Hogan conveyed these sentiments:

“We want beef in dessert if we can get it there.”

Those words proved to be prophetic, for cheeseburger-flavored ice cream has been realized — in Venezuela, along with the other 811 (and counting) flavors at the Heladeria Coromoto ice cream parlor.

There is smoked trout-flavored ice cream and tuna ice cream, along with shrimp, squid, ham and cheese, meat, whiskey, beer, champagne, wine, crab, rice, pumpkin, roses, black beans, ginger, asparagus, chili, spaghetti and cheese, garlic and corn - and many more.

The garlic ice cream carries a sharp, strong taste like, well, garlic. The black bean flavor looks like thick, dark goo but tastes like black beans, but much sweeter.

You can spot little chunks of white tuna in the tuna ice cream, and the meat ice cream is made from something akin to mashed filet mignon.

“The key is that we use no chemicals,” said [store owner Manuel Da Silva Oliveira], who works the cash register and clearly relishes his quirky fame. “It’s all natural. If you eat the spaghetti with cheese ice cream, it has real spaghetti and cheese in it.”

Given the breadth and depth of flavors, could you make a meal out of the right combination of scoops? You sure can:

Some customers are looking to score a quick meal by mixing and matching flavors.

One popular combination is shrimp and beer ice cream. Dried fish and potatoes is another favorite double scoop. One local asks every day for cazuela de mariscos, or seafood stew, a Venezuelan staple.

“I make it with five balls of different fish flavors,” explained Oliveira, who charges about 50 cents per scoop.

But of course, all of Oliveira’s avocado and orange-blossom infusing skills wouldn’t be worth a thing if he couldn’t also cook up a Viagra-inspired scoop of frozen goodness:

“There is no Viagra in it, but there are two aphrodisiacs - honey and pollen,” explained Oliveira.

How effective is it? “I have just taken a small bite of Viagra and it’s given me incredible strength,” read one note posted in the shop.

I’m thinking the same thing you’re thinking: Watch out, Ben & Jerry!

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