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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

we are the world
I’m watching tonight’s World Cup of Hockey North American quarterfinal between the U.S. and Russia. Pretty good game so far. I’m impressed the Americans are doing so well through two periods; I didn’t think they looked very good even in their win against Slovakia, and wasn’t sure they could get it together enough to win this elimination game. The Russians are far from done, though.

It took me until the halfway mark, but I finally noticed something unusual about the Russians’ uniforms: The names on the jerseys are written in Roman alphabet, instead of their native Cyrillic. It’s even more odd because the double-eagle crest on the Russians’ chests includes the word “Russia” in Cyrillic (roughly “Poccia”).

I guess it’s the influence of uniform maker Nike. If they’re going to sell official player-style jerseys, they want to make sure North American fans — the biggest market for such merchandise — can read the names on the back.

Accordingly, I’d say this represents the final nail in Russian socialism’s coffin (as if it needed it).

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/07/2021 08:43:42 PM
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