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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

There are plenty of accounts of what us water-logged residents in Tampa Bay did this weekend. Jen at Crazy Island and Rachel* at SoHoTampa have a couple of representative samples, and Josh at A Beautiful Accident has a nice roundup of others (including me). Doubtless, you can find plenty from other parts of the state, too.

That covers us blogging nerds. What about those who don’t blog the body electric? Here’s a quick rundown from my office (names withheld to protect the embarrassed):

- One girl uncharacteristically baked a bunch of brownies and cookies, and brought them in for everyone to eat.

- Another girl got bit on her knee by a spider, and was developing a nasty-looking welt from it. Her husband’s been bit a couple of times by these spiders and gotten bad infections, so she’s nervous.

- My boss took off for her home state of Mississippi, a trip that was unrelated to the hurricane: Her dad was celebrating his 80th birthday. Unfortunately, the storm cancelled her return flight, so she can’t get back into town until late Wednesday.

- One guy hosted his parents, who evacuated from Sarasota. They managed to drive him and his wife crazy.

- Many parents were stuck in the house for 36 or so hours with a bunch of kids who were, in alternating turns, bored/frantic/destructive/lethargic.

- Lots of people lost power, for long periods of time (anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, with many still dark). Makes me feel like I got lucky for experiencing only a half-hour outage yesterday.

- Finally, a very pregnant co-worker gave birth in the middle of this mess! She was due any day, so it wasn’t a surprise. Her chief worry: She didn’t want to give birth on her own birthday, which was on Sunday. It was a close call, as she went into labor at 11:30PM on Sunday (Happy Birthday!); fortunately, the 7-pound bundle of joy didn’t join the world until 5:30 Monday morning. I suggested ahead of time that the baby girl’s middle name should be Frances, given the circumstances; mommy wasn’t going for it.

A hell of a weekend.

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