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Saturday, September 04, 2021

labor day
I’ve already said that, given Hurricane Frances’ location on the opposite coast, I don’t much care about it. Of course, it will make it’s way across Florida to me, in tropical storm-form, so as things now stand (and that can change), it will affect me somewhat.

The latest status has Frances stalling off the Atlantic coast, with its massive outer bands still lashing the coast and downing power lines, along with other headaches. I can’t figure out why it’s slowing down, and again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took an unexpected veer to the north or south (due to another unforseen opposing front, as with Charley). But for now, it’s supposed to make landfall sometime tonight, and come through the state by tomorrow afternoon.

My local weather has shown signs of something on its way. It’s been extra-windy every since yesterday afternoon, although not tremendously so. It was sunny as usual this morning, to the point where I was going to lay out and tan for an hour (I got caught up in household chores instead, but others were out by the pool). The afternoon did bring beaucoup cloud cover that periodically made the sky dark. Rain showers have come through, but again, nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

I’m sure things will get worse, but for now, it’s barely far from business as usual. It’s impacting me in terms of abandoning plans to go out tonight; I figured as much heading into the weekend, and had my fun last night (mainly Cafe Alma, unexpectedly on fire).

Officially, the airports are closing, I’ve heard a rumor of power going out elsewhere in Pinellas (I haven’t experienced it), and I’m in an area that’s under voluntary evacuation. That’s voluntary, not mandatory, which is a crucial difference; it means I ain’t moving, and there’s no compelling reason to do so. I have taken all the stuff off my patio just in case, but otherwise, I’m not making any special preparations for what will likely be nothing more than one of the many kick-ass rainstorms we get here.

So, that’s the Frances report from Tampa Bay. It’s obviously putting a damper on the Labor Day weekend, but if the worst of it ends up with me doing nothing but getting some extra sack time, all the better.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 09/04/2021 07:30:39 PM
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