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Saturday, September 04, 2021

Group Hug is a odd little corner of the Web. It’s a place to post anonymous (completely anonymous, according to the site’s operators) confessions to behavior that ranges from questionable to disturbing.

Here’s a random sampling from the current front page:

I hope he knows that I’m not laughing at his kinky fantasies. I don’t think they’re too weird for me. I’m only laughing to distract myself from how much I want to fuck him, and carry out those fantasies

i suck my thumb when i am tired and when i masterbate.

when i masterbate i always think about women.

i would love to kiss a lovely looking woman, or a very clean mouthed man.

my husband has rotten breath, he is lovely, but his smell is not sexy and i love to kiss

A guy who works near me has a curly mullet, a dorky programmers-goatee and thick, ugly nerd glasses. He’s short and fat and dresses in knitted sweater vests. He also has a horrible whiny, nasal voice. He waddles when he walks. He complains constantly and about everything. He bitches about everyone behind their backs like a little girl.

I saw photos of his wife and kids in his office. I cannot believe that this guy is married and I’m desperately single. There is no justice in the world

I guess this is especially good for us non-Catholics. And for us online voyeurs…

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 09/04/2021 02:40:53 PM
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