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Thursday, September 02, 2021

I’m watching a piece of kung-fu kitsch called Master of the Flying Guillotine (actually, it has a couple of alternate English-language titles; I prefer The One Armed Boxer Vs. The Flying Guillotine, but I’ll abide by the TV program guide).

It’s totally awesome. More cheese than an extra-large supreme, with no purpose other than to string together all kinds of ludicrous fight scenes.

The movie is driven by an anti-hero, the blind monk who wields the fearsome title weapon. His opening-scene guitar riff is a nice piece of high-energy proto-punk that effectively sets the tone for a fun ride. His brutal villiany is equal parts sinister and comical; I especially like the scene where he beheads a couple of tournament fighters, then, as an afterthought, tosses a firebomb into a large wooden platform.

I’d describe the Flying Guillotine, but I can’t possibly improve upon Giant Robot’s insightful assessment:

Although not a character, the flying guillotine weapon made audiences feel unworthy. With every throw, it made a gun ricochet sound. It was red, with the outside looking like a Skilsaw blade and teeth on the inside, like an octopus’ snatch. This tool alone is historically significant enough to merit the title of the film. If it existed, it should be sitting in a fighting flick hall of fame.

How impressive is this weapon? It had a film career of its very own.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/02/2021 10:17:13 PM
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