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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Google has once again loaded me up with some Gmail invitations. Because I’ve already doled out as many to my friends as they want, I’m going to release 2 of them into the wild.

But I’m going to make you blog-reading monkeys dance for your precious Gmail addresses. So here are the rules; if you don’t follow them to the letter, you don’t get no Gmail no-how (read that line again before you send me a whiney plea, which will summarily be disregarded):

1. Write down the funniest joke you know, in the form of an entry on your blog.
2. Trackback that entry to this post (trackback URL: http://www.populationstatistic.com/archives/2004/08/31/gmail-invite-make-me-laugh/trackback/); or, if your blog is set up to do it, pingback that entry to this post.
3. Cross your fingers.

That’s it. Obviously, you need to have a blog of your own, with trackback or pingback capability, to enter your joke. If you don’t have that, you can’t play.

If you’re so hungry for a Gmail account that this inspires you to start up a blog, more power to you! Also, if you already have a blog but no trackback, you can set up that capability with a free HaloScan account.

Feel free to enter as many times as you want. This means, of course, that you’ll have to make multiple joke posts on your blog, and have each one trackbacked or pingbacked here. It’s your blog space, not mine!

The two best jokes will win. I decide which are the two best. If you think you have some insight to what I think is funny (and not funny), perhaps from reading this blog, you might have a leg up on the competition. Maybe. Pitch your jokes wisely.

All jokes must be trackbacked or pingbacked here by this Friday, September 3rd, at midnight EST time. I’ll announce the two winners on that following Monday, September 6th.

Let me repeat: ONLY TRACKBACKS OR PINGBACKS FROM JOKE-TELLING POSTS ON OTHER BLOGS WILL COUNT. So don’t leave a comment with a joke, and don’t email me with a joke. Those entries will be disregarded, and you’ll have wasted your time.

Now go ahead, make me laugh for your Gmail!

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/31/2004 11:54:36 AM
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  1. No one responded to this yet? I thought G-Mail was a hot commoddity?

    Comment by Kirby — 08/31/2004 @ 11:58:53 PM

  2. I guess too many other people are giving theirs away. I suppose I’m making people work too hard…

    Hope is not lost. This post hasn’t really hit the search engines and syndication feeds yet; once it does (sometime today), I should get some bites.

    Comment by CT — 09/01/2021 @ 09:52:09 AM

  3. […] r 04, 2004 GMAIL INVITES: NOBODY LAUGHED Well, last night’s deadline for my trackback-me-a-joke-for-a-Gmail-invitation contest came and […]

    Pingback by Population Statistic — 09/04/2021 @ 06:07:45 PM

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