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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

You’d have to be blind, or at least blind drunk, to not see how Clear Channel has built a classic vertical integration monopoly. After consolidating a sizable chunk of the radio spectrum, they established ownership in scores of entertainment venues (including Tampa’s Ford Amphitheatre), live-event production and promotion services, and advertising channels. All combined, this gives them a start-to-end control over the lion’s share of major concerts and non-league sporting events in the U.S.

There are perils in getting so sprawled out, though. Among them: Leaving yourself open to anti-trust lawsuits, not in the obvious radio industry, but in the almost-sideline business of motocross sport promotion.

“Clear Channel declaring victory in connection with Judge Kennelly’s ruling on Jam Sports’ antitrust case is like John Wayne Gacy saying he was exuberant he wasn’t also charged with rape,” Jerry Mickelson, the Chicago promoter who brought the suit, said in a telephone interview. “The record will show that Clear Channel’s strategy was to crush, kill and destroy Jam Sports, and their conduct, as shown by the evidence in this case, rivals that of Enron, MCI and Adelphia.”

Clear Channel, the scourge of the airwaves, being done in by a piddling lawsuit over dirt bikes? You never can tell. Remember, they nailed Al Capone on tax evasion; this seems an apt comparison.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 08/31/2004 09:33:39 PM
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