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Monday, August 30, 2021

My friend Kirby tipped me off about a billboard in Tampa that’s hawking something called “Booty Beer”.

I haven’t seen the billboard myself, and haven’t had a chance to grill Kirb for more information. However, a quicky web search uncovered Buccaneer Brewing Co. as a likely candidate. Their product tagline says it all: “A little booty in every bottle”.

Admittedly, it’s not the definition of “booty” that I had in mind. But I’m sure the brewers are well aware of the double entendre related to another word for pirate treasure. If nothing else, they’re hoping for a high volume in novelty sales.

Buccaneer Lager (or Buccaneer Beer, or whatever) is due to flow in November, making it even more likely that it’s being preceded by plenty of advertising. Targeting the Tampa Bay area with a Buccaneer-monikered brew also makes a lot of sense, given the built-in fanbase of the Tampa Bay Bucs (and secondarily, the annual Gasparilla celebration). Football and beer just plain go together! So much so, in fact, that unless Buccaneer Brewing has an agreement in place with the local NFL club, they could be risking a legal tussle. While there’s an ample amount of Bay area businesses that have adopted the Buccaneer name, many for decades, the football team could persuasively argue that a beer product is closely enough related to their core business and customer base that it would constitute infringement on their trademarks. Again, Buccaneer Brewing would be smart to take care of this ahead of time, rather than going in blind (and perhaps counting on it’s headquarters being in the Bahamas as some sort of protection).

UPDATE (9/1/04): As Matt informed me in the feedback (and Kirby earlier related to me on the phone), I missed the mark: There is indeed a Bootie Beer, and it looks like it’s more in the spirit I originally envisioned. It’s all in the spelling.

I’d look deeper into the Bootie brew, but I don’t feel like struggling through the annoying Flash site. I imagine I can fill in the blanks, sight unseen.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 08/30/2004 05:16:39 PM
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  1. All Bucs, all the time
    … Instead of rabbit ears, will you need buccan-ears? I have no idea, but Population Statistic may have already found an advertiser.

    Trackback by Sticks of Fire — 08/31/2004 @ 01:29:08 PM

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  3. Close, but no..booty?


    I saw the billboard driving down ulmerton today. Kind of a weird spelling for the obvious connotation they’re going for. I see bootie spelled that way and I think of ‘Baby Booties’, not the more jocular “Booty”. Maybe BootyBeer was already trademarked.

    Comment by The — 09/01/2021 @ 08:28:13 PM

  4. More beer stuff
    …and in a tub by the register was a display of 24 oz. beers, one with a tagline of “grabёbootie.” I haven’t…

    Trackback by Sticks of Fire — 09/02/2021 @ 09:16:51 AM

  5. […] ve got a couple of leftovers from past Gasparillas, if you need one), hoist up a bottle of booty beer. And take full advantage of the occasion by tes […]

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