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Monday, August 30, 2021

Sometimes I feel kinda old at 33. But I can take solace in the fact that I’m younger than the Internet, which turns the ripe old age of 35 this October. (The official date is October 29th, when UCLA will have an anniversary celebration; save the date!)

This nice timeline graphic shows off some impressive milestones in Net history, including:

1979 - Birth of emoticons.
1980 - First virus-induced crash.
1985 - First domain name (symbolics.com) registered.
1994 - First spam email and banner ad.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three decades of cyber-fun, especially considering that the commercial World Wide Web has been around (depending on how you define it) for only about ten years. It really illustrates how young the whole medium still is (but not as young as me!).

Six degrees of separation time: I got to meet one of the fathers of the Internet. When I was working for Luntz, Suleiman & Associates a few years back, I talked a few times with Len Kleinrock, who was then looking for help in launching his Nomadix venture. While Vin Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee get the most mention as Internet pioneers, Kleinrock’s role in developing it was just as crucial.

Len’s a nice guy, sort of the typical absent-minded professor type. He even related to me the story of the first-ever message sent via the Net, which caused the whole system (then confined to just two computers) to crash midway through. One additional tidbit: The two computers involved were actually in the same room, connected to one another by a cable.

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  1. What’s even scarier is that Sesame Street is 35 this year also?

    Who’s really been a greater contributor to our culture? I say Ernie and Bert!

    Comment by Kirby — 09/01/2021 @ 12:01:31 AM

  2. I agree, definitely Ernie and Bert. Because without them, the gay marriage issue would never have arisen by now… ;)

    Comment by CT — 09/01/2021 @ 09:50:02 AM

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