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Sunday, August 29, 2021

A quick snapshot of me-time magazines I’ll be reading over the next month (so far):

- GQ
- Esquire
- Clear
- Wired

Notice how the September GQ dwarfs the other three. Fall marks the start of the fashion season, so GQ plumps up accordingly. It’s sick to think how much money Conde is making just from that one issue.

Clear was an impulse buy, an extremely pretty mag with a translucent cover wrap and gorgeously slick, heavy bond paper that really shows off the interior color. I’m surprised it’s got such a relatively low cover price ($7); I guess the ad rates allow it.

This is far from the total magazine consumption I’ll be doing this month; it’s more like the appetizer. Between work and play, my eyeballs will glide across too many pages to count. But the first wave is always exciting.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/29/2004 09:20:00 PM
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  1. Costa, did you read the article in the back of GQ titled “open letter to Britney Spears”? It was great, because they “ripped her a new one”, plus they put J. Timberlake on the cover instead of Ms. Trailer-trash’s new beau.

    Comment by Tian — 08/30/2004 @ 02:47:49 PM

  2. I took a peek at the last page in GQ; I was prompted there because it was referenced on the letters page, where a few photos of Britney are featured. I’m saving the full effect for later :)

    Oh yeah, it’s always a good time when Ms. Spears is involved…

    Comment by CT — 08/30/2004 @ 09:08:10 PM

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