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Friday, August 27, 2021

Behold SmoothPour, the anti-chugging agent that will cut your sodabottle-pouring time in half.

Neat idea. The quest to cut down or eliminate “chugging” led to the fairly recent rollout of “widemouth” bottles and cans for beer. The principle is the same: Creating more room for the intake of air and output of liquid. You can make such container openings only so big, though, so the SmoothPour takes it to the next step: A separate air intake chamber that’s as unobtrusive as possible.

The main drawback that I can see is that it would impede the ability to drink directly from the bottle. That might be great for moms who want to discourage their kids from doing that with the family 2-litre, but it would be a pain for single-serve containers. Maybe it could be designed to be removable? I’m also guessing this would work only on plastic bottles, not glass (or aluminum, even — quite a robust week for bottle news!).

Inventor Dave Jaros is seemingly on the right track in getting this off the ground: Getting people to sign petitions, which would in turn impress manufacturers to add the SmoothPour into their bottle designs. Jaros himself notes that this is the only realistic way to bring it to market; it wouldn’t sell as a standalone product that people would have to buy separately.

However, his admiration of the Ronco model of product launch makes me nervous. I hope he doesn’t get frustrated with trying to convince bottlemakers, and decides to try selling this thing directly to the people. Even as a short-term strategy to demonstrate the product’s viability, it probably won’t work, and could give manufacturers a loophole to adopt some modification of the SmoothPour without paying Jaros anything.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/27/2004 12:56:33 PM
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  1. I think getting this media attention is the kiss of death. If they really think its a good idea they’ll just steal it and tie him up in court forever, knowing that he can’t afford a legal battle.

    Comment by The Belt — 08/27/2004 @ 09:00:59 PM

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