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Monday, August 23, 2021

Just a quick note: The permalink and trackback problemas mentioned earlier have (I hope) been fixed. More details on how later today. In the meantime, feel free to link away.

The few comments that were left here last week are currently gone, but not lost. I will restore them this evening. D’oh! I’m afraid I’ll have to eat my words on that. The comments left by Eric and Tommy are indeed gone for good. My apologies, guys; completely unintentional. Won’t happen again ;) In the meantime, don’t let that scare you off from adding more!

UPDATE: It took a lot of doing to get the links up to speed. Basically, after several fruitless hours of tinkering, I finally wiped the mySQL database clean, re-installed WordPress, and followed the instructions on switching directories while resolving the permalink structure.

Even after that, it didn’t work.

So I messed with it for another couple of hours after that, FTPing files back and forth, until I finally, somehow, got it all working. I use “working” somewhat loosely — a couple of backend things are still broken, including my inability to edit this index page except through FTP. But at this point, I don’t care. The frontend stuff works, visitors should be no more the wiser, and that’s all that matters.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send out a big NO-thank-you to WordPress support, whose members either ignored my questions or provided largely irrelevant feedback. Apparently they’re too busy flaming one another and playing petty geek dictator to actually provide some support. Snarky on my part? Sure. Deserved on their part? Oh yeah. But hey, you get what you pay for, naturally. I’ll figure things out as I go along.

Anyway, enough of this. The last thing I want here is a typical geek blog that’s about nothing but how the blog software works (or doesn’t). Back to our usual programming.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 08/23/2004 12:07:44 PM
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  1. Ah, don’t worry… You can delete this one too, since it also doesn’t say anything.

    Comment by tommy — 08/24/2004 @ 09:23:46 AM

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