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Sunday, August 22, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I commented on the icky impression that eHarmony.com’s television commercials left on me.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve seen a few new commercials for the online dating shop. Their presentation has been modified in subtle but significant ways, many of which address the things I disliked.

It looks like I wasn’t the only one who thought that twangy guitar music exuded a cheesy quality, because it’s been ditched in favor of some new-agey tonal sounds. I don’t particularly like the new sound, but it’s far less disingenuous than the previous background noise.

Amazingly, founder Neil Clark Warren’s role in these spots have been reduced significantly; in one of them, he doesn’t appear at all (although he still does the voiceovers). I think this only helps; to me, he doesn’t come across as particularly trustworthy.

To compensate for Warren’s decreased screen time, the focus has shifted even more to the testimonials of the happy couples who have hooked up through eHarmony.com. They still speak in the soundbites that they previously had, but they’re extended several seconds. There’s also more emphasis on showing the couples together, in loving poses, rather than separately. I still don’t buy any of it - I’m pretty sure they’re all actors - but it is effective imagery.

All told, I think the re-jiggered commercials are an improvement. They were probably a necessity in response to the increased competition from Match.com and True.com. Still, I wouldn’t touch any of them.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/22/2004 03:23:06 PM
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  1. I was searching for a way to leave feedback on eHarmony, negative feedback, that is. I’ve been on Match.com for a few months and have met the most wonderful men. eHarmony, on the otherhand, seems to be the biggest waste of time! In the past 3 weeks I’ve only gotten 3 matches and none of them were my type. I’m trying to get a refund. Sites like this one will give internet dating a bad reputation!

    On the hand, I noticed your comment in your article that you wouldn’t touch any of the internet dating services. I have two good friends who met their husbands on Match.com. One friend refused to put herself on and after I hounded her for months, gave in and I was the Maid of Honor at her wedding.

    I’m 43 and just recently divorced. The ages of men I’ve met range from 38 to 50. All our professionals, all of whom I would not have met if it weren’t for Match.com. Reasons: because of our busy schedules: work, family ties (some have custody of their children ) and, most importantly, we don’t hang out in bars. I think one of the problems with people who place themselves on internet dating sites is that they have big expectations. They want a relationship to be there overnight. They meet someone and want to jump into things. They make themselves look needy. Relationships take time. Especially if you’ve just gotten out one. The only way dating, in general, will work is to go into meeting different people without expectations of jumping into a relationship. I think this is true for most women. The men I have met have commented on how most woman are “seeking” that “perfect” man. When they meet one they like, that’s it, they want to be exclusive. Some of the men I’ve spoken to said they gave in and as one put it “needy v needy = trainwreck".

    I can go on and on, but you’d probably not like that.

    Can I change your mind about your views on internet dating?

    Terry Moore

    Comment by Terry Moore — 02/15/2005 @ 01:54:01 PM

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